HI 201: An Introduction

HI 201 is a core subject in MS Health Informatics.

The course description for HI 201: spectrum of health informatics domains in the Philippine healthcare situation. Course credit is 3 units.

A few weeks ago, I met my students to tell them what I meant to do with Health Informatics 201. I had proposed that the course will use project-based learning, which Wikipedia defines as,

“use of in-depth and rigorous classroom projects to facilitate learning and assess student competence (not to be confused with problem-based learning).”

I proposed an assignment for each of the 16 weeks of the semester – an ambitious undertaking which we hope to document here on edublogs.org. Each week will be dedicated to a theme and a project which will have a driving question.

  1. E-health in the Philippines
  2. Diffusion of Innovation in Health Care
  3. Evaluating Health Information Systems
  4. Challenges for Electronic Health Records
  5. EHR Implementation and Evaluation
  6. Clinical Decision Support
  7. Personal Health Records
  8. Messaging Standards
  9. Terminology Standards
  10. Imaging Standards
  11. Privacy, Confidentiality and Security
  12. Knowledge Management and Information Retrieval
  13. Telehealth
  14. mHealth
  15. The Internet and E-Health
  16. Legal and Regulatory Issues in E-Health

A driving question is defined by leadingpbl.org in this manner –

A Driving Question is one that focuses all other questions towards a solution or product. This question is complex, requires multiple activities and the synthesis of information from numerous sources. Driving Questions serve to organize and drive activities; and these activities result in a series of artifacts, or products, that culminate in a final product that addresses the original question.

Assignments will be uploaded to our Moodle site at http://www.moodle.ms-healthinfo.net. Moodle is a closed space so this class blog is our way of sharing our products with the world. 🙂




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