Slowly but Surely

Still waiting for the rest of the class to put up their student blogs. Please spend time on naming your blog – we don’t want several iterations of health informatics. 🙂

I’ve added a Google Reader bundle to the right sidebar! Click Subscribe so you can view your classmates’ posts in one place. That way, it will be easier for us to interact with each other by responding to posts. You will need a Gmail account to access Google Reader.

I had to access two Edublog guides to accomplish this. The first was Step 9 – Add your student blogs to a folder in Google Reader. However, the last steps here were outdated since one can no longer make Google Reader folders public. Thankfully, I found a more updated version in The Complete Educator’s Guide to Using Google Reader. The new method requires clicking on the Google Reader folder and then Create a Bundle. Once a bundle is created, you then proceed to Create a Bundle Clip which generates html code that you can embed in a text widget. Tadah!

P.S. It seems that if I add up another blog to the Google Reader folder, the Bundle Clip does not automatically update. 🙁 Will just have to redo this when everyone is on board. For now, I have put back the Blog Roll on the left sidebar.

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